S is for Spirituality (and also Short)

SKnock me over with a feather. I am pretty sure that I would not have predicted I’d be writing a blog about Spirituality, but things change, do they not?

As a emotionally scarred refugee from fundamentalist christianity, I have long carried a burdensome aversion to anything that even remotely smacked of religion—the supernatural, spirituality, church, prayer, ceremonies, rituals, rites of passage, religious/spiritual people . . . the list cascades into eternity (that’s another suspect concept, the afterlife).

But, here I sit, having met yesterday with a spiritual leader of sorts, to discuss with her the possibilities of joining her “church” (I broke out into a hot flash just as I typed that last sentence, so maybe not joining, maybe just, uhm, attending on a more regular basis). We had a lovely meeting–a meaningful chat. I’m signed up for a class that starts next week.

Yesterday afternoon I had a massage with a side helping of transformational breath work, during which I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience.

I have an appointment later this week to meet with a life coach who sees into the supernatural realm, and I’m doing a presentation in one of my classes on spirituality and counseling/therapy (or whatever we are calling it these days).

The list goes on. I’m branching out, dipping my toe in.

I am expanding my spiritual horizons.

5 thoughts on “S is for Spirituality (and also Short)

  1. Countless numbers have been wounded in church. Churches strive to represent God…but God doesn’t always represent our churches. I have found real peace and joy with God, even in the midst of an imperfect setting. 🙂

  2. Good for you. However you understand God/Spirituality… I’ve found it to be a source of strength … not alone… the energy runs through everything.

  3. Bravo for you for approaching that portal cautiously, being open to possibilities, embracing what feels okay to you. Buen camino! (Good journey!)

  4. R is for relationship. It took me decades to see that. I follow a Christ that wants me to love enemies, forgive myself, and never stop RELATING w Him. You are brave. May you find what your heart is looking for.

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