K is for . . . Knothing

K is such an odd letter. Not many words begin with K—I’ve been trying to think of something to write all freaking day. Turns out that K ends up at the ends of and in the middle of lots of words, though:

Make, take, bake, fake, freaking, frolicking, muck, buck, huck, luck, fuck, tuck, snack, track, back, lack, crack, tack, sack, smack . . . anyway, you get the picture. I think (there’s another one) we probably should keep (another one) K around as a member of the alphabet, but I’m not finding any K topics that really inspire me to write.

Really, it’s become an exercise in free association.

You say K, I say:

Kindness (TLW just tossed this one over from her side of the bed just now—I said “meh”)

Kismet (fate, meant to be . . . blah blah)

Kitchen (we need a new kitchen—ours is far too small)

Karma (I believe in Karma)

Knees (that’s the bee’s knees!)

Knife (always said in our house with a hard K in front kah-nife)

Kool-Aid (don’t drink the Kool-Aid)

Knowledge (also with a hard k, kah-nowledge)

Koalas (awww, cute)

Kauai (oh, love Kauai. TLW and I went there once)

Kingdoms (boring)

Kangaroos (the kids were kangaroos for Halloween one year)

Kids (covered in C is for Children)

Knitting (I wish I knew how)

Kerfuffle (again, from TLW)

Kermit the Frog (I do love the Muppets)

Kings (King Felix of the Seattle Mariners)

Kilometers (ugh, I could write a blog on the metric system, or more about running—5Ks, 8Ks, 10Ks)

Kilowatts (what is a kilowatt hour, anyway?)

Kelvin (TLW again, a measurement of heat, she says. I know, I say, and type obediently)

Keg! (TLW is on a roll. She said that with enthusiasm)

Keno (TLW again—she’s getting into this)

Kafka  (Gregor Samsa)

Kiss (the band or the act?)

Kegels (really, I should do those more often—strengthen my core)

Knob. Knocks. (TLW—kahnob, kahnock)

TLW: kempt, kit, key, kill, kid, kin. Kabob.

“I can’t stop. It’s a sickness,” she says. “Koi.”

“I’ve got it,” I say. “Stop.”

“King!” she yells because she has her earplugs in.

“Got it!” I yell back. “Stop!”

That’s it. That’s all I have for K. Let’s pretend this never happened.

4 thoughts on “K is for . . . Knothing

  1. Kyack (looks like fun…except for that whole getting in the water business)

    Kink…..either as a descriptor of activities, as a sore spot in your neck, as the band (come to think of the Knack works here to).

    And as your resident lighting expert, I’m impressed with the inclusion of Kelvin (also a measurement of the “temperature” of the colour of light). Well played, TLW, well played

  2. Oh kink! Doh. Should have thought of that. Seems like a no-brainer 🙂 And Kayak–we are fair weather kayakers. It is fun and ya know the water makes it so. Wouldn’t be nearly as good without the water.

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