Cher—-Dressed to Kill Tour

I’ve been trying to decide what to write about the Cher concert on Saturday night–I don’t know how to even describe how amazing it was, but then I ran across an article on and realized I don’t have to write a damn thing. It’s all here–I completely agree with this assessment. It was wonderful, a little rough in places (it was opening night after all–and she’s not been on tour in 11 years!) but easily forgiven.

Cher is a force of nature–truly, and she also strikes me as a woman who not only knows who she is, but where she came from. She is humble and sincere and honest.  I was particularly struck by something she said in one of the many montages between set changes (the sets were fucking amazing–mind blowing). During a montage about her film career and her Oscar win, she said that she had never felt that she belonged in either the film industry or in the music industry and that winning the Oscar didn’t mean that she was suddenly somebody but that she was most certainly on her way.

It was clear listening to her talk between songs on Saturday night that she still has that sense, that she still, like all of us, is plagued with insecurities and doubts. She wondered out loud that she was surprised anyone was even in the audience. I find it comforting to know that Cher has the same nagging fears as I do, to know that as much as we cast about looking for the magic bullet that will finally allay our insecurities, we aren’t going to find it. We just, again, have to show up and do the work and trust that our audience will come.

And come they did. the place was packed full of people of all ages. I’m so grateful that we were fortunate enough to get tickets, that we have friends in the area who were willing to put up with us for a few days (thanks Paul and Jan!), and that going to the concert came with the added benefit of spending a few days in the sun and warmth.

Life is good–music makes it better. The wigs, outrageous costumes and mind-blowing sets, well they are all merely icing.


2 thoughts on “Cher—-Dressed to Kill Tour

  1. I admit to being a bit shocked that Cher was still touring. Good on her, and on the two of you for supporting her, plus is sounds like an awesome visual and auditory extravaganza.

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