Scary Ass Hotel

So, please forgive me in advance for what may be a shitty post but I’m without a wifi connection and am desperate to remain committed to my daily blog post. So I’m doing it from my iPhone.

The Little Woman and I traveled to Port Townsend today in order to cheer on our friend Tele who read tonight as part of She Tells Sea Tales, a fundraiser for The Girls Boatbuilding Project. We thought we would work a little romantic getaway into the weekend since the last ferry leaves Port Townsend at 830 and we would therefore have to spend the night. TLW got on the internets at home last night and booked us a hotel room–she found one that wasn’t too pricey in the heart of downtown PT for about $80. She made ferry reservations as well–we figured we would catch an early afternoon sailing and spend the day wandering the shops and uhm having a romantic afternoon in our centrally located hotel room.

Imagine our surprise then when we arrived to find this: image

And this:

We basically dropped our bags and left the room to wander in the rain. Any shop would do thank you so long as we didn’t have to spend any time in this room. The carpets may have been lovely in 1957 but today the are nasty and smell. The hotel may have been grand in say 1878 but today not so much.

Now we are in bed and I am refusing to turn out the light. I can hear the people on the street below as if there are no walls or windows between us. TLW has in her earplugs and is wearing her eye shades and has drifted off to sleep while I peck out this blog on my iPhone and wait for something to crawl out of the large hole in the ceiling above my side of the bed.

If something untoward happens in the middle of the night, at least I will have kept my commitment to this blog. At least I have submitted my haiku for today and gone for a run. I have heard my good friend and writing buddy read for a good cause.

If we make it out the other side., I will never again let TLW book our accommodations.

Thanks for reading and if there are strange phrases or words in this post it’s because I did the whole damn thing on my phone. Because I’m dedicated. Because I don’t want to close my eyes in this scary ass hotel room.

Goodnight. Gulp.

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