The Road to AROHO, Day 5: My Babbling Brook and A Couple of Other Things

So, it poured last night and even though I had the tent set up, I had no faith in my rain fly and decided instead to sleep in the Jeep. Good thing I’m not any taller because it was a, shall we say, cozy fit. But, I and my bedding stayed dry and really did curl up with that growler of beer. I didn’t wake up until after 5, which to me, indicates a successful camping sleep.
I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and set about getting the tent dry and then made some (way too much) oatmeal, which turned out to be more of a blueberry delivery system.
Then I moved my chair into the sun and finished reading a book next to the babbling brook. One of the small children here asked me if I wanted to see her baby snake. I politely declined but thanked her for asking so nicely.

Now, I’m going to pack up my dried out tent and head south to camp tonight at Ghost Ranch.  Can’t wait! Retreat starts tomorrow.

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