Spoiler Alert: No Rainbows. No Unicorns.

I’ve been trying to be upbeat, Dear Reader. Trying to write something meaningful and reflective, attempting to provide my audience with happier, more peaceful, less cynical insights, but  then I go and read the news.  The news does not bode well for humanity folks.  Doesn’t bode well at all. How can I write rainbows and unicorns when shit like this is making headlines:
Woman’s corpse found in LA hotel’s water tank.  Holy f$ck that is just disgusting.  She’s been decomposing there for two weeks.  TWO WEEKS. I am horrified on so many levels.
Testosterone found at Pistorious’s home.  NO! Say it isn’t so! I’m shocked. Shocked! How many more women are going to die at the hands of enraged husbands and/or boyfriends? 
Teens get strippers.  Mom gets arrested. Again, I’m shocked (not).  This sort of thing is inevitable when parents start getting their kids limos for their sixth grade dances.  What is left for the kid’s 16th birthday party? Strippers and booze.  Piñatas and cupcakes just ain’t gonna cut it. What are these boys going to do for their next momentous life passage? See above.
Jesse Jackson, Jr.: “Guilty Your Honor” No wonder he stepped down and checked into the psych ward.  I’m thinking he’s the least of our collective worries. It’s just money.  Nobody died. 
What IS the world coming to? 

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