Lesson 6.5

We interrupt this story to bring you details from the past two weeks.  Taylor graduated from high school and made the honor roll in this, her final semester.  Parties ensued. 

Two grads and their  Proud Mama
Nancy and Pam actually went to Mexico to celebrate Taylor’s graduation (Taylor and Pam were originally scheduled to go, but that’s another story).  Pam and Nancy completely enjoyed their time on the Nayarit coast, visiting with Dad and Marilyn, swimming in the warm warm ocean, and dining on really great Mexican food.  Then they went to Puerta Vallarta, got stopped by the Police, got extorted for $50, bought some vanilla, had to check a bag for another $50 so they could actually get the vanilla home as it weighed more than three ounces and could not be carried on. 

Yesterday, Pam and Nancy drove to Sea-Tac and got a hotel room so Nancy could make her early morning flight to Alaska where she is going to cook for two months (read about that adventure here:  http://runrambleon.blogspot.com/Unfortunately on the way to Sea-Tac, Pam changed lanes while doing the slow crawl into Seattle from Northgate and rammed her beautiful black Jeep Wrangler into a crappy little 1980s vintage Toyota pick up truck.  Fortunately, damage to the Jeep was minimal. 
Unfortunately, the Toyota got a really big dent all down the driver’s side.  Fortunately the guy in the Toyota was very, very nice and did not shoot Pam or Nancy.  Unfortunately, Pam got a big fat ticket for an “unsafe lane change.”  Ugh.
We felt like crap after that experience, and we were ravenous, so we went out to dinner at 13 Coins, which was awesome, and we bought a super cool electric pepper grinder that has a light on it! 
Nancy got on the plane to Alaska.  I drove to work.  At this point, I know she’s made it as far as Anchorage.  I’m waiting for the call that tells me she has made it all the way to Chignik Bay Adventures.
The past few days have been tumultuous and full of change.  Writing took a back seat.  But, it’s time to settle down into a routine for the next two months.  So, here’s Lesson 6.5 (of what, it turns out, will be a total of 8.5).
Lesson 6.5:  Shit happens.  Resistance is futile.

3 thoughts on “Lesson 6.5

  1. Wow, Pam, so the cops spotted a couple of gringas on the way to Puerto Vallarta and got you. I should have told you what procedures to follow if you get stopped. I'm sorry we didn't have that discussion.

  2. Wow Pam, sorry you got extorted by the police. Happens a lot. I wish we'd had a conversation about what to do when they try to do this.

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