Shaking My Head

The headlines are out of control again.  This morning I woke up to this first:  Do Babies Need Crawling Helmets (; then this: Obama Sticks Up for Ann Romney in Working Mom Flap(; US Halts N. Korea Food Aid After Rocket Launch (multiple sources).  Plastic Surgery Gone Bad ( The inanity goes on ad nauseaum and I close my news browser quickly and shake my head.  Too much stupidity so early in the morning. 
Do babies need crawling helmets? Are you freaking kidding me?  We’ve already raised a generation of overindulged, narcissistic, germ-free and allergy-ridden children who bring their parents to job interviews.  Now we are going to wrap their little heads in helmets?  Good grief.
Obama needs to grow a pair already.  Hilary Rosen was right on when she said that a wealthy mother who stayed home to raise her five boys is not the best source for women’s views on the economy.  Ann Romney knows as much about women’s struggles in the real work a day world as, hmmm, say, Donald Trump.  Why in god’s name would Obama defend her? Maybe if she had been a single mother of five who had to work three jobs she’d have a clue.
Clearly the N. Koreans need food, and their pathetic rocket launch attempt only proves that malnutrition hampers proper brain development.  Besides, the starving masses had nothing to do with Dear Leader’s megalomaniacal need to engage in a pissing contest with leaders of the free world (and I use the term free loosely).
And finally, I got sucked into a series of slides of plastic surgeries gone badly awry.  Just further proof that the world really is going to hell in a hand-basket.  I mean, look at this face (and that’s a dude):  

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